The Benefits of Deploying Virtual Receptionist Kiosks

Businesses are discovering the money-saving advantages of Olea’s Virtual Receptionist (VR) kiosks, which are increasingly used in hotel lobbies, office buildings and industrial parks, health care facilities and public events.

The Virtual Receptionist first detects visitors, then greets and qualifies the customer, and then directs them to the appropriate destination within a business location. The virtual receptionist kiosk reduces personnel costs and other operating expenses, since it allows a single receptionist to efficiently cover multiple locations. In order to meet specific client needs and maximize savings, the Virtual Receptionist system can be customized for each deployment.

Olea Virtual Receptionist Kiosk

How a VR kiosk works

A VR kiosk system can help manage the workload of a “live” receptionist, or it can offer self-service options to replace on-site human interactions entirely. This type of intuitive, interactive reception kiosk is placed in the entryway of a building or other space, in the pathway of visitors, and it can be configured for interaction via touchscreen, telephone, or Internet connection. With largely autonomous operations, the VR kiosk’s role is to detect and greet visitors, assess their credentials, and quickly direct them to specific offices or other locations on-site.

For example, when a visitor enters a building monitored by a Virtual Receptionist kiosk, the system can be activated by a motion-detector or proximity sensor, and greet the visitor with recorded audio or video messages. Next, the VR can perform a wide range of customer-service functions such as connecting the visitor with a live receptionist or specific employee via phone, e-mail or online-network chat. And, the system can be built with capability to read ID badges, or scan and deliver images of business cards and IDs to live reception staff for verification.

Visitors can also use the touchscreen interface to search the building’s corporate directory, and VR kiosks can feature 2-way video capability. With help from the Virtual Receptionist’s wayfinding functions, visitors can quickly navigate to their destinations. In addition, the system can print maps or other directions for visitors, as well as name tags. Also, VR kiosk systems can present the user with marketing and advertising messages.

Features & benefits of a Virtual Receptionist

An Olea Virtual Receptionist kiosk can help in any location where a live receptionist or building attendant would be helpful, yet the labor cost seems prohibitive. Virtual Reception kiosks help organizations extend the reach of existing staff and save valuable resources. A well-designed and expertly-executed kiosk deployment can:

• Reduce costs, improve operating efficiencies and increase productivity

• Enable business operations 24-7-365, with minimal downtime

• Increase sales of products and services

• Enhance security

• Highlight corporate brands and maintain a consistent message across platforms

• Improve customer satisfaction

• Help visitors find on-site destinations through advanced wayfinding capability

• Enjoy a quick return on investment, and higher ROI

The next step

For organizations seeking business solutions based on cost-effective virtual reception kiosks, it’s important to choose a kiosk manufacturer with the technology and experience to ensure each deployment is launched and managed effectively.

Olea Kiosks, Inc. is the industry’s leading provider of comprehensive Virtual Receptionist kiosk systems. To learn more about the benefits of using a VR kiosk system, please contact us today at 800-927-8063.

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