Human Resources Kiosks Save Money and Increase Employee Satisfaction

Human resources kiosks Olea Human Hesources Kiosksoffer one of the most compelling value propositions of any digital kiosk deployment. These kiosks provide a highly interactive and easy-to-use interface to manage a wide variety of HR tasks that are required in the management of existing employees and the hiring of new employees.  By automating many of these HR tasks, these kiosks allow organizations to run with a more streamlined HR department while also increasing employee satisfaction by making key HR information, such as benefits enrollment information, readily available and accessible to current employees.

Using HR Kiosks to Manage and Streamline Job Applications

One of the most common applications for human resources kiosks is job applications. These kiosks provide a simple, efficient way for candidates to fill out a job application in an easy-to-use interactive interface.  An HR kiosk can be programmed to virtually guide candidates through the entire application process, answering just about any question that might arise as the applicant is completing their application.  This function of the HR kiosk allows for streamlined staff as fewer resources are needed to interact with applicants during the earliest phases of the hiring process.

Digitization of Job Applicant Data

In addition, once the applicant completes the application, the data is stored in a database so that your HR staff has immediate digital access to the information.  This digitization of data has multiple benefits to the HR staff.  First, having immediately digitized data eliminates the time-consuming task of data entry and converting hand-written applications into a digital format.  Second, for larger organizations that that receive thousands of applications for each job posting, having digitized data allows for the HR staff to easily parse through the huge number of applications and find the most qualified applicants.  Third, having this data stored in a digital format means that the applications of qualified candidates who were not hired can be easily accessed in the future should a similar job become available.

Productpage_Metropolis__09Seasonal and Temporary Workers

With heavy holiday and seasonal shopping seasons, many retailers hire additional temporary workers to meet the demands of the increase in customers. By implementing a human resource kiosk program, these retailers will find it exceptionally easy to collect an abundance of applications during busy hiring seasons.  As mentioned above, these kiosks allow for automatic digitization of application information which significantly streamlines the application review process for the thousands of applications which are often submitted for temporary holiday positions.

Job Fairs

Human resource kiosks can also be transported to job fairs. In addition to managing the job application process, human resource kiosks can be outfitted with promotional content that informs the potential applicant of the key selling points of your company.  Having a portable human resource kiosk at a job fair gives potential applicants a very user-friendly interactive system to learn more about your company and apply for openings on-the-spot through a single interactive interface.  In addition, having an HR kiosk available to communicate your company’s value proposition and handle applications allows your on-site staff at the job fair to spend more time talking with the serious candidates.

On-the-Job Benefits

Many companies are turning to HR kiosks as a convenient way to allow their employees to manage their HR benefits packages and payroll profiles. Because these kiosks are located on-site, it provides an easy-to-access venue for employees to view updates to benefits offerings and enroll in the latest benefits programs.  The following are a few examples of the functionality that can be provided to existing employees through a human resource kiosk:

  • Paystub, time reporting and other paycheck related information
  • Timeclock functions
  • Schedule printouts, and scheduling requests
  • Benefits enrollment and management
  • Onboarding and training

Making a Business Case for a Human Resources Kiosk Program

If you are ready to consider a human resources kiosk deployment, then consider these criteria.

By what percent do you intend to lower administration costs?

Start by outlining the human resources process map for various tasks and interview a sample of current personnel responsible for these tasks. By gaining an understanding of the time it takes to process each type of human resource request, management can extrapolate the net time savings gained by implementing human resources kiosks.

By what percent will human resources headcount utilization increase?

Using the same information gathered in step one, consider that certain employees will now have more time to focus attention on other tasks. The net time savings can be redeployed to high value tasks such as training and recruiting.

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