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Digital Signage Kiosks

In a study by Arbitron, 47% of those who have seen a digital kiosk in the past 30 days specifically recall the brand name in the ad. Nearly 1 in 5 of those who have seen an ad via digital kiosk say they have made an unplanned purchase after seeing an item featured on the screen.

Digital video in public venues reaches more Americans each month than online videos.

  • 70% digital kiosks
  • 43% online video
  • 41% facebook

Digital Signage Kiosks Are Growing

  • 1/2 of business owners surveyed planned to increase digital signage kiosk budgets.
  • 70% of U.S. residents aged 12 or older have seen a digital video display.
  • 24% of companies said they expect to spend more than $1 Million on signage.
  • 52% recall seeing one in the past week.
  • The number of businesses reporting they’re not using digital kiosk in their marketing mix has dropped from 35% to 22%.
  • The percentage of people who find digital kiosk to be effective for brand awareness is 47.7%.
  • The percentage of people who find digital signage kiosks influential for repeat buyers is 32.8%.

Where Are Digital Kiosks Most Often Seen?

  • 28% Grocery Stores
  • 27% Shopping Malls
  • 20% Medical Offices

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