The Benefits of Digital Kiosks


Technology is supplementing and replacing more and more daily aspects of life, and digital kiosks are one example. Not only are they streamlining and improving many of life’s most mundane tasks, but they are also helping businesses and governments save money and provide better service. Digital kiosks are taking both the public and private sectors by storm, and for good reason.

Digital kiosks have many benefits to businesses and their customers alike. The following sections will expand on these benefits in detail.

Staffing Optimization with Digital Kiosks

Digital kiosks represent an opportunity to offer around-the-clock, extremely reliable, and low cost customer service at profit centers. Digital kiosks do not need to be encumbered by coordinating a staffing schedule, and they do not need to be paid overtime. Most importantly, digital kiosks can be programmed to execute tasks with extreme accuracy.

Though digital kiosks come with up-front costs, over time, the reduced dependency on human capital significantly outweighs the investment. Businesses will almost certainly enjoy a substantial ROI on their investment in digital kiosks.

Olea Metropolis Kiosk

Data Analytics

By nature, digital kiosks are constantly collecting information about the transactions in which they are conducting. Though their human counterparts may be able to provide anecdotal evidence about consumer behavior, digital kiosks provide a constant stream of quantitative data that can be used by management to make a host of business decisions.

This is accomplished by equipping a digital kiosk with software that is programmed to collect data on a variety of operational metrics. Traditional POS systems can easily provide metrics like average check size and SKU performance data; however, digital kiosks are able to collect deeper layers of data. For example, a retail kiosk can collect data on what other items were considered but not ultimately purchased.

Simple Maintenance

Quality digital kiosks are built to last. They are in up-front investment that continues to generate positive ROI over the life of the kiosk. One major benefit of a digital kiosk is that it can be managed and serviced remotely. Over time, software updates and firmware updates may be necessary. A top digital kiosk manufacturer, such as Olea, has the ability to push these updates live remotely requiring no on-site or in-person maintenance. When investing in a digital kiosk program, make sure to choose a vendor that also provides exceptional after-sales service, a warranty, and an ongoing maintenance program.

Improved Access to Information

Digital kiosks can be used in a variety of situations including government as well as retail applications. With 24/7 availability, these kiosks give users greater access to information than would be available with a human staff that works normal business hours. With ADA compliant kiosks, digital kiosks are also able to effectively communicate information to impaired end-users.

Interactive Assistance

New kiosk technologies also allow for users to interact with live personnel who can be situated virtually anywhere in the world. These applications are especially popular with healthcare implementations where patients can utilize a healthcare kiosk to consult with a doctor who can be located at an off-site location.

Security and Privacy

Digital kiosks are equipped with state-of-the-art anti-virus and anti-malware technologies ensuring that transactions are conducted in a secure and safe manner. Also, some consumers may be leery of conducting their business with another human and would prefer for privacy in conducting their transaction. Digital kiosk allow for an anonymous transaction in which no data is shared directly with another live person.

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