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Kiosks and the Emergence of the Smarter City

People are returning to cities in such large numbers, the 2010s are being called the ‘decade of the city.’ In this Olea exclusive white paper, we look at how self-service kiosks and digital signage are helping officials make it easier for them to travel, find their way around and even keep one another safe. Download “Kiosks […]

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Kiosks: A Turbo Boost for Public Transportation

As Americans travel more and security requirements show no signs of loosening, an already strained infrastructure is being pushed to its brink. These four case studies show how Olea’s self-service kiosks can put some wind at the back of flyers, riders and the facilities that serve them. Download “Kiosks: A Turbo Boost for Public Transportation” Whitepaper

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Bill Pay Kiosks: The Business Models and Keys to Success, Part I

As long as a meaningful portion of the population is underbanked, self-service solutions will drive positive ROI for billers, deployers and their hosts Few routine tasks are more annoying than paying bills. Not only is the act predicated unpleasantly on surrendering hard-earned cash, but the mechanism of the payment itself can be a significant bother. […]

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When It Comes to Kiosks Nobody Does It Better

Over the course of our 40 year history, Olea Kiosks has earned its spot as a top kiosk manufacturer by priding itself on a commitment to personal service, superior quality, and meeting client timelines. Olea offers a line of sleek standard “off-the-shelf” kiosks, as well as fully-customized kiosk solutions, all of which are proudly manufactured […]

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