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From ADA to UL, kiosks must or should clear an ever-larger number of regulatory hurdles.

Hospital Kiosks: Your Rx for Keeping Patient Records Safe

Throughout medical history, physicians have followed the ethical guidelines of the Hippocratic oath, which includes the solemn promise to keep patient information strictly confidential. This commitment to privacy has become tougher as healthcare providers have begun to modernize through digitization, and hospital kiosks can play a key role in helping IT departments keep sensitive information […]

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Myth Busters: 3 Myths Concerning EMV and What You Really Need to Know

In businesses everywhere, customers are paying for goods or services by inserting chip cards into cutting-edge smart terminals instead of swiping their mag-stripe-only predecessors through the familiar side slot. Chip card technology, or EMV, is a state-of-the-art payment standard that connects payment cards at the point of service with an embedded chip microprocessor instead of […]

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Kiosks: A Turbo Boost for Public Transportation

As Americans travel more and security requirements show no signs of loosening, an already strained infrastructure is being pushed to its brink. These four case studies show how Olea’s self-service kiosks can put some wind at the back of flyers, riders and the facilities that serve them. Download “Kiosks: A Turbo Boost for Public Transportation” Whitepaper

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Cyber Security Kiosks Defend against the Growing Threat of Malware

  Anti-malware Cyber Security Kiosks Malware has experienced exponential proliferation since it was first discovered in 1984, when there were a mere 12 known instances of malware. In 2015, there were more than 400,000,000 malware instances with over 390,000 new instances of malicious programs discovered every day. For corporations, it is more important than ever […]

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Automated Passport Solutions Kiosks

Olea Kiosks has launched an automated customs kiosk for airports and international transportation hubs. The Automated Passport Solution (APS) is a customs kiosk that will streamline the way passengers enter the airport or other international hubs and get cleared by customs in remarkable time. The APS customs kiosk will make its debut at Dallas-Fort Worth […]

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