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As technology advances and users accept self-service in more numerous roles, the applications may be limitless.

6 Ways That Patient Check-In Kiosks Are Enhancing Healthcare

Pressure is always on for healthcare providers to operate more efficiently while also providing better care and health outcomes. One way to accomplish this seemingly impossible task is a healthcare kiosk. This article addresses six benefits of patient check-in kiosks in a healthcare setting. 1) Healthcare Kiosks Streamline Patient Check-in Checking-in-patients is the “low-hanging fruit” […]

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Why Restaurant Kiosks Work for Customers and Owners

Happy days for Happy Meals are here again.

In fact, not only is McDonald’s rebounding nicely, the news is good for competitors as well. One report predicts QSR and fast casual brands combined will super-size by 5 percent compared to last year’s numbers, ringing up a juicy $233 billion in sales in 2017. As CEOs exhale a sigh of relief and let their belts out a notch, many are turning to self-service restaurant kiosks to help sustain the growth, trying to satisfy the growing customer appetite for digital, customizable and efficient service.

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Olea Airport Kiosks - JC Decaux Digital Signage

Kiosks Find New Functions at the Airport

Ticketing kiosks have become nearly universal in airports today. Now their use is expanding to other areas as well. If there’s one place where the self-service kiosk has proven its value, it’s at the airport. Kiosks began appearing at airports around the world in the early 1990s, providing wayfinding and flight information services as well […]

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Interactive kiosks vs. mobile apps

Kiosks vs. Mobile Apps

Although mobile apps were once predicted to overshadow self-service kiosks, both have become a key component of many businesses’ digital strategy. Seven years ago, the CEO of a restaurant technology firm predicted that self-service kiosks were on the way out, their purpose made irrelevant by the spread of mobile apps. Why would a customer bother […]

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Kiosks vs Tablets - which is better for healthcare self-service?

The Faceoff: Kiosks vs. Tablets in HR and Health Care

The choice between a tablet and a full-size kiosk comes down to the purpose for which it will be used. Although kiosk technology is becoming commonplace in a variety of verticals, areas where it has had a particular impact include both human resources and health care. On the human resources side, many companies are placing […]

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Healthcare by Kiosk Promises to Improve Access, Lower Costs, Part II

As market forces drive telehealth to the headlines, kiosks can play a vital role in its adoption. In Part I (read it here), we examined the economic climate that has proved conducive to the development of telehealth as a new model of healthcare. Here, we explore deployment of the model via self-service kiosk. Open wide […]

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Telehealth Kiosks to Improve Access, Costs, Part I

By delivering services where consumers live and work, telehealth providers eye a new, more efficient channel for medical care. No matter what a person’s political persuasion may be, there’s one thing on which nearly everyone can agree: Healthcare costs continue to rise despite efforts to rein them in. Fortunately, telehealth and self-service kiosks can offer […]

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The Top Three Trends in Self-Service Banking

To secure a larger market share, financial industry leaders are searching for new ways to build brand identity and educate potential customers about their latest offerings. In an annual survey of 760 financial institutions, 54 percent of respondents said the most important focus for 2017 was to make the customer journey easier and more straightforward. […]

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4 Tips for Effective Casino Loyalty Programs

For many decision-makers in the gaming industry, loyalty programs are the backbone of an effective marketing communications strategy. In fact, one national casino brand generates over $6 billion annually from its loyalty program alone, communicating to customers so effectively that it has been able to cut its conventional marketing budget by half. Plus, through the […]

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Healthcare Kiosks Can Help Relieve Administrative Headaches

 When healthcare providers search for new ways to grow their bottom line, they often start by looking for new ways to cut administrative costs.  Per one study, U.S. hospitals spend roughly 25 percent of their budget on administrative expenses annually, and many organizations are reducing costs and improving the patient experience by using healthcare kiosks […]

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Press Release: Olea to Debut New Patient Check-In Kiosks at HIMSS 2017

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Olea Kiosks has announced it will launch an all-new line of healthcare kiosks at HIMSS 2017 next week in Orlando, Fla. The company’s healthcare kiosks have completed millions of patient check-ins across the U.S. for leaders such as Kaiser-Permanente, Cedars-Sinai, BlueCross BlueShield and others. “Healthcare is very important to us,” said Frank […]

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Hotel Kiosks Help Secure Guest Comfort

When people travel, they’re rightfully wary of unfamiliar physical surroundings. What they often lose sight of, however, is the need to remain vigilant concerning digital threats. Hotels and resorts can protect their guests from ID theft and other online mischief with kiosks. This infographic shows how. Infographic as a PDF: Hotel Kiosks Help Secure Guest Comfort

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Hospital Kiosks: Your Rx for Keeping Patient Records Safe

Throughout medical history, physicians have followed the ethical guidelines of the Hippocratic oath, which includes the solemn promise to keep patient information strictly confidential. This commitment to privacy has become tougher as healthcare providers have begun to modernize through digitization, and hospital kiosks can play a key role in helping IT departments keep sensitive information […]

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Kiosks and the Emergence of the Smarter City

People are returning to cities in such large numbers, the 2010s are being called the ‘decade of the city.’ In this Olea exclusive white paper, we look at how self-service kiosks and digital signage are helping officials make it easier for them to travel, find their way around and even keep one another safe. Download “Kiosks […]

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Retail Kiosks: A One-Stop Shop for Business Benefits

As brick and mortar retail stores throughout the world increasingly find themselves competing with ecommerce vendors for product sales, it’s more important than ever for them to win over walk-in customers. In order to help maximize revenue generated from foot traffic, many retail store owners are boosting their customer bases and scoring repeat business by […]

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