Can Kiosks Save the Self-Service Industry?

Olea Self Service Kiosks

Infographic as a PDF: Kiosks for Self-Service Industry


  • 51% of hotels already offer, or are planning to offer hospitality kiosks
  • 34% Of travelers would be more likely to visit a hotel with self-check-in kiosks.


  • 96% Of 18-34 year olds report that having a restaurant kiosk is a benefit.
  • 63% Of consumers would use a kiosk to place orders and pay for food at a quick-service restaurant.

Sports Venues

Fans order merchandise which is later picked up in designated zones. Interactive wayfinding to help fans navigate the massive facility.


Patient check in by inserting their health card into a kiosk. The healthcare kiosk then provides all necessary forms and directions on a map.


40 self-service kiosks were deployed at libraries, county clerk’s offices, and police precincts to handle routine DMV transactions such as receiving a renewal, replacement or duplicate license.


77% Of global passengers use self-service kiosks for check-in.

Most Wanted Tech:

  • 89% want self-boarding gates
  • 68% want self-service baggage drop

Avoid Lines

62% Of consumers prefer self-checkout stations to avoid waiting in line to make a purchase.

Price Check/Product Availability

When researching purchases in-store:

  • 43% Prefer using their own mobile phone.
  • 57%  Prefer using in-touch screens.
  • 61% Of global consumers would be willing to shop in a completely automated store with vending machines with products and kiosk stations offering virtual customer service.

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