Better Customer Engagement through Interactive Kiosks

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Better Customer Engagement Through Interactive Kiosk Machines

It’s not a surprise that Interactive Kiosk systems are being deployed in prime retail real estate to offer consumers effective and innovative ways to interact with brands. Retailers also have the opportunity to efficiently reach target audiences to stay competitive in the marketplace.

The following are five ways that interactive kiosk machines help you to better engage with your customers.

1) Help customers find the right product

Interactive Kiosk systems allow your customers to find quickly the right product. Whether it’s selecting the right concert tickets, paying a mobile phone bill or choosing the right makeup shade. Interactive Kiosk machines allow customers to self-educate and choose the right product without any sales assistance.

2) Help facilitate customer sales efficiently

Interactive Kiosks are an excellent sale assistant tool for customer service representatives. If a customer may have a question for a specific product, a sales person can lead them to the interactive kiosk directing them to the product interested in. By simply touching the screen or scanning a product, the customer can learn specific details about the product.

3) Reduce customer “walk-outs”

Interactive Kiosks will keep customers engage, thus will be less likely for them to leave your business while waiting for a sales representative to become available. Foot traffic volumes will vary in the retail space, interactive kiosk machines can keep them engaged in a product until a sales representative becomes free.

4) Interact with customers in unique ways

Interactive Kiosk systems can serve as a two-way interaction. They offer an engaging way to connect your business with customers through edutainment or infotainment, including interactive videos or contests. If a customer is looking for a particular product, such as the right accessory for their tablet. An interactive app within the kiosk can help them narrow down the best choice according to their tablet model.

5) Learn from your customers

The information that you gather through interactive kiosk machines will provide you with market intelligence on the success of promotions. Through interactive kiosks, it’s possible to see the pages, apps and promotions customers engaged with and how long they spent on each screen, allowing you to measure the success of the user experience. Additionally, you may also track the impact of content changes on the success of the kiosk. Small content changes have profound impact on user experience and activity.

Simple kiosk customer surveys can provide insights into what brought the customer into the store, demographics and product preferences.

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